Sunday, 4 October 2015


Saint Helena (/ˌsnt həˈlnə/ saynt-hə-lee-nə) is a tropical island of volcanic origin in the South Atlantic Ocean, 4,000 kilometres east of Rio de Janeiro and 1,950 kilometres  west of the southern coast of Africa. It is part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, which also includes Ascension Island and the islands of Tristan da Cunha. Saint Helena measures about 16 by 8 kilometres and has a population of 4,255 (2008 census). It was named after Saint Helena of Constantinople. The island was uninhabited when discovered by the Portuguese in 1502. One of the most remote islands in the world, it was for centuries an important stopover for ships sailing to Europe from Asia and South Africa.

My first airmail cover from St.Helena ! After a long waiting, my 3 covers from this remotes island reached in my hand safely with perfect postmark. The covers posted on August 24, 2015,and I received on September 21,2015. St.Helena issues beautiful thematic stamps every year, and the philatelic service is pretty good. Mail service is depend on ship services to the island, so sending and receiving letters take much time. St.Helena has own postal system, but it is under Royal Mail of UK. so all mails go via UK only. Thank you Holger for the beautiful stamps.

This is another perfect cover from St.Helena. The stamps are related to the newly constructing airport in St.Helena island. after construction i hope the transportation will improve and it results reduction of time in reaching and delivering international letters. The cover is mistakenly postmarked as Jan 2015, instead of Aug 2015.

This is another regular cover from St.Helena with beautiful birds stamps. These stamps were there in my collection as mint, so it was easy to prepare a cover with my favorite theme flora and fauna.

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