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Penrhyn/ Northern Cook Islands (also called TongarevaMangarongaroHararanga, and Te Pitaka) is the most remote and largest atoll of the 15 Cook Islands in the south Pacific OceanLocated at 1,365 km north-north-east of Rarotonga9 degrees south of the equator. It sits atop the highest submarine volcano in the Cooks, 4876 m (15,917 ft) above the ocean floor. It is composed of a ring of coral 77 km (48 mi) around. The lagoon covers 233 square kilometres (90 mile²) of which 62 square kilometres  is covered with pearlshell. Land area is 9.84 square kilometres Maximum elevation less than 5 m. Population according to the 2001 census was 351 with a decrease by 2011 to only 213 inhabitants.

This is one of the gem in my collection. A cover posted directly from Penrhyn Post office, one of the least populated and remote island of Cook Islands. The covers posted by my very good friend David, during his Pacific Islands trip. The cover posted on May 20, 2016 and I reached on June 04,2016. Flights to Penrhyn is once in a month from Rarotonga, and mail services are not very popular too. Thank You David for the nice cover with perfect postmarks.

This is the post office in Penrhyn Island. 

My friend David with The Post office staff in Penryhn holding the philatelic covers and postcards. They had a full selection of stamps . All Penryhn,  no Cook Islands stamps. The Postmaster on the left here , was also the agent for Air Rarotonga and ran one of the local shops. You can see she is Wearing the Bluesky shirt which is the operator of the Post Offices in the Cook Islands. They do get some Philatelic mail but very little. It is hit and miss. It depends on the aircraft. All flights up here are Charter . It can be months from one plane to another . In the mean time there is also the ship.

A wonderful Item received today in my mailbox . A cover from remote island called Penrhyn. This island is the part of Cook Islands. My friend David Langan informed me, it is very difficult to get postmarked cover from Penrhyn because it is very remote and a few inhabitants. max 3-4 times flights go there in a year and rarely ships. so there won't be no room for philatelic mail. I believe they postmarked from Rarotonga, The main post office with Penrhyn postmark. I will publish more details soon , after my friend's visit of Penrhyn.

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  1. This absolutely awesome!!! Great work Jinesh and David :)


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