Thursday, 9 July 2015

جمهورية السودان SUDAN

Officially the Republic of the Sudan (Arabicجمهورية السودان‎ Jumhūrīyat as-Sūdān), is a country in north-east Africa. It is bordered by Egypt to the north, the Red SeaEritrea, and Ethiopia, to the east, South Sudan to the south, the Central African Republic to the southwest, Chad to the west and Libya to the northwest. It is the third largest country in Africa. The River Nile divides the country into eastern and western halves. The country's place name Sudan is a name given to a geographical region to the south of the Sahara, stretching from Western to eastern Central Africa. The name derives from the Arabic bilād as-sūdān (بلاد السودان), or "the lands of the Blacks", an expression denoting West Africa and northern-Central Africa.

This is my first cover from Sudan, sent by my good friend Mohammed Ezeddin from Khartoum, its capital city. He is a philatelist and numismatist too. The letter sent on May 25, 2015 and I received on JUly 07, 2015. The stamps are the joint issues with Arab countries related to Arab Postal Day 2012. When I got Sudan covers with these stamps, I completed my collection of Arab Postal Day 2012 stamps on covers completed. Thank You Ezeddin for the help.

This is another cover sent by Ezeddin from Sudan. These stamps are old issues, so he got postmarked and sent back to me in another cover. They are still valid but he did in that way to get it in perfect condition. 

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