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Gaza  The Gaza Strip ( Arabic: قطاع غزة Qiṭāʿ Ġazzah), or simply Gaza, is an exclave region of the State of Palestine on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea that borders Egypt on the southwest for 11 kilometers (6.8 mi) and Israel on the east and north along a 51 km (32 mi) border. Gaza is part of the Palestinian territories, which also includes the West Bank and are claimed by the State of Palestine.
The territory is 41 kilometers (25 mi) long, and from 6 to 12 kilometers (3.7 to 7.5 mi) wide, with a total area of 365 square kilometers (141 sq mi). With around 1.8 million Palestinians on some 360 square kilometers, Gaza is among the regions with the highest population density in the world. Moreover, a substantial part of the territory is depopulated because of the imposition of a large buffer zone, maintained by Israel within the Gaza border. Gaza region Posses Own Postal administration and Regional stamps .

This is my first Registered Airmail covers from Gaza Region of Palestine with 'State of Palestine' stamps. Usually Israel Post will not allow these stamps on covers to international letters because  they considered it is a territory of them. Luckily my two airmail covers The covers posted on October 25, 2015 from Rafah, received on November 11,2015 . My good friend Hazem helped to get back the covers in a perfect way. The stamps are gifted by Hassan ,my another friend from Gaza. Thank You Hassan and Hasem for the big help.

This is my another beautiful cover sent by Hazem with 'Palestinian Authority' Stamps. Thank You Hazem

Finally Gaza region of Palestinian Territory also started to issue own stamps in the name of 'State of Palestine'. This is my first cover from Gaza Strip of Palestine with 'State of Palestine' stamps. The cover posted by my good friend Hazem from Rafah Crossing, on May 07, 2015, I received it on June 07, 2015. Thank You very much Hazem for the beautiful cover.
This is another cover posted by Hazem on May7,2015 from Rafa Crossing, used Palestinian Territory stamps issued by West Bank. The clear postmark enhances its beauty. Thank You Hazem for the perfect cover.

 This Beautiful cover Posted from Gaza on March 26, 2015 , received on May 13, 2015. The stamps issued by Palestinian Authority before the time of Hamas elected there. If a letter sent as registered from West Bank we will get a Palestinian barcode label with 'PS' code. But from Gaza it is still not possible. You can see Israel Post rewritten the tracking number with 'IL' code. Thank You Hassan for posting this cover from Gaza.

This is my First Registered Airmail cover received from Gaza with Gaza regional stamps issued by Hamas Govt.

 My another cover from Gaza with west bank issued stamps. As i said, Israel pass the letters only with West bank issued stamps. The above miniature sheet is the part of Palestine Authority 'Friends of Palestine' series. Its another part I used on another cover to send from Ramallah, West Bank. Thank You very much dear Hassan for posting this cover for me with clear postmark.

 This is my first cover from Gaza with Gaza regional stamps ( Hamas Govt.)  Israel not allowed to use Gaza regional issue stamps to use on international letters. Only the west bank issue allowed . Luckily my cover passed through the sorting center. These stamps are the part of 'Fruits of Gaza' series issued in 2013. Gaza stamps design and printing quality is poor related to West Bank stamps because these are printed in Egypt local printing company. West bank stamps printing in Bahrain with most modern printers. Gaza region stamps are not using in West bank region but West Bank region stamps ( only West Bank issues are considered as legal Palestinian Stamps) using in Gaza region. My Good friend Bahjat Hassan post this cover for me from Gaza Philatelic bureau on March 26, 2015, I received on May 05, 2015. 

This is my first cover from Gaza, sent by my good friend Hassan. The postmark has clearly seen the place name Gaza. The cover posted on July 23, 2013 and I received on September 10, 2013.

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