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Saint-Barthélemy (French: Saint-Barthélemy), officially the Territorial collectivity of Saint-Barthélemy is an overseas collectivity of France. Often abbreviated to Saint-Barth in French, or St. Barts or St. Barths in English, the indigenous people called the island Ouanalao. St. Barthélemy lies about 35 kilometres  southeast of St. Martin and north of St. Kitts. Puerto Rico is 240 kilometres to the west in the Greater Antilles.
Saint Barthélemy was for many years a French commune forming part of Guadeloupe, which is an overseas region and department of France. In 2003, the island voted in favour of secession from Guadeloupe in order to form a separate overseas collectivity (COM) of France. The collectivity is one of four territories among the Leeward Islands in the northeastern Caribbean that comprise the French West Indies, along with Saint Martin, Guadeloupe (200 kilometres southeast), and Martinique.

This is my first Registered airmail cover from St.Barthelemy, an overseas territory of France in Caribbean Islands. The covers posted on July 07, 2016 and I received them on July 21, 2016. The covers posted by my very good friend Denise, during her holidays in St.Barth. Thank You Denise for the big help.
My first cover from St.Barthelemy, arranged by my good friend Holger Kaufhold. First I believed that the island is belongs to Guadeloupe only, because of its isolated status it called  separately. Later, when I came through more readings about the political status of these islands, I found that currently St. Barthelemy is exclusively different Overseas territory of France like St.Martin, Guadeloupe and Martinique. Thank You Holger for the stamps and perfect covers arranged from a rare remote island.

The entrance of St.Barth La Poste office. Photo taken by Denise during her Caribbean tour in 2016.

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