Wednesday, 23 August 2017

MORDOVIA - Republic of Mordovia / Республика Мордовия

The Republic of Mordovia (Russian: Респу́блика Мордо́вия, tr. Respublika Mordoviya; IPA: [rʲɪsˈpublʲɪkə mɐrˈdovʲɪjə]; Moksha/Erzya: Мордовия Республикась Mordovija Respublikaś), also known in English as Mordvinia, is a federal subject of Russia (a republic). Its capital is the city of Saransk.
The republic is located in the eastern part of the East European Plain of Russia. The western part of the republic is situated in the Oka-Don Plain; its eastern and central parts are located in the Volga Elevation. Area: 26,200 square kilometers (10,100 sq mi) Borders: internal: Nizhny Novgorod Oblast (N), Chuvash Republic (NE/E), Ulyanovsk Oblast (E/SE), Penza Oblast (S/SW), Ryazan Oblast (W/NW)

This is my first cover from Mordovia Republic. The covers posted on July 26,2017 and I received in my hands on 22, August 2017. The postmark is perfect and you can see a stamp is written as 'Respublika Mordovia' . The particular stamp issued is 2005 as the part of 'Regions of Russia series. My good friend Mikhail sent me the cover by exchanging postcards and stamps. He specially requested to the postal staff for clear postmark. Thank You Mikhail  for the perfect cover into my collection !

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