Wednesday, 23 August 2017

KARACHAY CHERKESSIA - Karachay-Cherkess Republic - Карачаево-Черкесская Республика

 The Karachay-Cherkess Republic (Russian: Карача́ево-Черке́сская Респу́блика, Karachayevo-Cherkesskaya Respublika; Karachay-Balkar: Къарачай-Черкес Республика, Qaraçay-Çerkes Respublika; Kabardian: Къэрэшей-Шэрджэс Республикэ, Ķêrêšei-Šêrdžês Respublikê), Nogai: Карашай-Шеркеш Республикасы, Qaraşay-Şerkeş Respublikası; also called Karachay-Cherkessia (Karachay-Circassia) (Карача́ево-Черке́сия, Karachayevo-Cherkesiya) and the Karachay-Circassian Republic, is a republic of Russia located in the North Caucasus area of southern European Russia.
The republic is located at the slopes of northwestern Caucasus and borders with Krasnodar Krai in the west and northwest, the Kabardino-Balkar Republic in the southeast, Georgia (including Abkhazia) in the south and west, and with Stavropol Krai in the northeast. It stretches for 140 kilometers (87 mi) from north to south and for 170 kilometers (110 mi) from east to west. Mountains cover 80% of the republic's territory; Mount Elbrus, which at 5,642 meters (18,510 ft) is the highest peak in Caucasus, is located on the republic's border with Kabardino-Balkaria. The republic is rich in water resources. A total of 172 rivers flow through its territory, with the largest one being the Kuban, Bolshoy Zelenchuk, Maly Zelenchuk, Urup, and Laba. There are about 130 mountain lakes of glacial origin and an abundance of mineral springs.  The republic has several distinct ethnic groups, and the government recognizes five official languages. The population in 2010 was just under half a million people.

This is my first cover from Karachevo-Cherkessia  Republic. The covers posted on 29 July 2017 and I received on 23 August 2017. The postmark is perfect and you can see a stamp is written as 'Respublica Karachevo Cherkessk' . The particular stamp issued in 2002 as the part of 'Regions of Russia series. My good friend Darija sent me the cover by exchanging postcards. She specially requested to the postal staff for clear postmark. Thank You Darija for the perfect cover into my collection !

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