Friday, 30 December 2016


There are some post offices in Pristina Region, capital of Kosovo is still operated by Serbian Post. This information I came to know from my Slovenian friend Zant Trost, who is a fruits label collector. He recommended me to a Serbian girl Natalija who can help me to send back my covers from Serbian Post office in Kosovo. It was really amazing, and in 2016 Serbia issued 4 stamps of Churches which are geographically in Kosovo. My another Serbian friend Emanuel gifted those sets of stamps alongwith another set of Serbian birds stamps and butterflies stamps. I prepared the covers with the Kosovan Church stamps and sent to Natalija, she went to a Serbian Post office in Pristina region called Kosovska Mitrovica and sent back as Registered. 

The covers sent on October 26, 2016 and I received in my hands on November 10, 2016 . She sent another cover as normal post , which is also arrived safely on November 20, 2016. Thank You Zan, Natalia and Emanuel for the big help to get a perfect cover from Serbian Post in Kosovo.

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