Sunday, 7 June 2015


ALDERNEYFrenchAurigny AuregnaisAoeur'gny) is the most northerly of the Channel Islands. It is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, a British Crown dependency. It is 3 miles (5 km) long and 112 miles (2.4 km) wide. The area is 3 square miles (8 km2), making it the third-largest island of the Channel Islands, and the second largest in the Bailiwick. It is around 10 miles (15 km) to the west of La Hague on the Cotentin PeninsulaNormandy, in France, 20 miles (30 km) to the north-east of Guernsey and 60 miles (100 km) from the south coast of Great Britain. It is the closest of the Channel Islands to both France and the United Kingdom. It is separated from Cap de la Hague by the dangerous Alderney Race (French: Raz Blanchard).

This is my first cover among my 3 covers from Alderney, posted from St.Anne on May 14,2015 and I recievd on May 26, 2015. The affixed stamps has a special about the first issues and its Silver Jubilee issues. The first two stamps are from the series of First Alderney stamps and the last one is the same picture of the second stamp , commemorate the 25th anniversary of the First issue of Alderney stamps.

This is my second cover from Alderney . The stamps are from the set of 6 which is commemorating the 25th anniversary of First Issue of Alderney Stamps.

This is my third cover from Alderney. These stamps are the remaining 3 from the same set related to the 25th anniversary of First Alderney stamps.   

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