I am extremely happy to share with you those cherishing golden memories of people and incidences, which even today giving me the inspiration and encouragement to attain new heights in linguistics and philately.
Since childhood I had been interested in knowing something new, apart from my textbook, general knowledge books were my first influence. It helped me a lot and i could bag first prizes in quiz competitions. And I too had a hobby of inventing my own code languages and collecting stamps. Once one of my English tutors happened to see this and he was very much impressed. He congratulated and advised me to become and expert in the sphere of languages.
Those inspiring words of my teacher helped me to enter into the magic world of alphabets. By this time i was just 12 years old, Tamil was the first language I tried; I learnt it from one of my classmates. Simultaneously, with the help of the instruction manual of pesticides I began learning other Indian languages like Kannada, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali and Oriya. 
During my pre-university studies , I could master four languages including Arabic and Russian with the help of my uncle. Stamps from Russian regions always troubled me to identify because of Russian scripts. Later I started to concentrate on each stamps to find out the language and read what it is written on them. My Parish priest taught me Greek and Hebrew. In Physics , Chemistry and Mathematics the Greek letters were familiar but later I clicked the Idea that how they use as a language for communication.  By the year 2001 I gained mastery over the letters of 18 languages.

Later in 2002, I joined for paramedical course but my zeal of mastering new alphabets was on increase along with my philately. When I get new stamps from new countries with unfamiliar scripts, It opened to a new opportunity and aim to conquer them. I spent my pocket money for learning foreign languages alphabets via internet and I could succeed in this venture in reached 50 languages by the middle of 2005. Once one of my friends from Junior batch introduced me to the leading national daily The New Indian Express correspondent, she interviewed me and as a surprise it was published all over the state. Later I become very popular, of course only because of the blessings of God and my friends, It helped me to get more contacts worldwide.

After completion of my course I got job in a reputed hospital in my hometown, it helped me to attend monthly meetings of local philatelists and exhibitions.  Then I realized the importance of achieving mastery over a language instead of learning just scripts. I stopped learning new scripts of languages to concentrate on philately. At present i can read and write 140 languages, just only 2% of the total world languages. Later I started to concentrate on thematic and systematic way of continuing my hobbies, I started banknote collection and philatelic cover collection. 

I understand that there is no meaning in collecting just stamps, it will be great if they are on covers reached in my post office with my address. In the beginning I used to keep all the envelopes from abroad. Facebook and other such online communities become more popular , it happened to meet many big cover collectors and circuit clubs worldwide. Their way of collection inspired me to rethink about my way of collection. After the research in  cover collection and the themes, I decided to start my own way of thematic cover collection in a different and attractive way. I designed and printed airmail envelopes myself to keep uniformity and also to keep standard quality materials. 

The historical meeting with Holger Kaufhold, a well experienced and well known philatelist from Belgium helped me a lot to improve and get expertise in cover collection. He taught me the importance of clear postmarks. Edward from Hong Kong explained the importance of Registered letters and barcode labels, Radim from Czech Republic advised to get the correct postage rate on covers, Tomislav from Croatia reminded me the importance of the same thematic stamps and avoid mixing of themes, John from Ecuador influenced me to learn more about WWF theme and the best way to get high value sets on covers... and many many new collectors friends influenced my hobby in one another way. Holger started a group in Facebook named as 'Cover Collectors' helping serious collectors to get perfect covers from exotic countries during his visits and also with the help of contacts from there. I became very happy when Holger  appointed me as co-admin of the group to serve better for our cover collectors worldwide.

I also designed unique airmail labels for each countries to use on envelopes. Instead of writing 'Airmail' , the attractive and meaningful labels helped to identify the airmail covers and also enhance the beauty. Finally I designed airmail labels for all countries and territories including all Russian Federal subjects, many people showed interested on my labels. Later because of large orders I started to sell them along with airmail covers. Serg Kalantaryan, the former stamp designer of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh officially accepted my design for his postal authority and purchased a large quantity of labels to use on letters. Cayman Islands philatelic bureau asked to send a sheet when they noticed the labels on my envelopes. I have uploaded some of them as icon for world postal services listed here.

My ultimate aim is to collect at least two airmail envelopes from all countries and territories. I am also concentrating to collect all US states, Canada Provinces, Australian Provinces and Russian Federal Subjects. From US states, my theme is 'Flag of our nation' series stamps related to each states. Similarly Canadian provincial flags and highway beauties series stamps on covers. From Russia I wish 'Region of Russia' series stamps with name of each federal subject issued in the period of 1997-2011.

To keep a uniform appearance, I only use my own printed airmail covers. And I send covers myself first to the sender who promised to help me,with sufficient stamps If I have. Using same size stamps is also my primary consideration and maximum number is 5 on a cover. I understand affixing number of stamps and different size spoil the beauty of the cover.  If the sender has stamps, I explain with a graphical illustration of covers, to make them understand how to prepare my envelope. It will help both of us to avoid confusions and will result a perfect exchange of covers. My major theme preference is Flora and Fauna. If the country is very rare among philatelists and no other way to get thematic stamps, will adjust with the stamps whatever available.

Finally.. on December 05th, 2018, I achieved my goal. The last missing country - Isle of Man received in my hands along with another least known British Sovereign Base called Akrotiri in Cyprus. In the beginning I ever thought to complete my task within this short time with uncompromising way of preparing covers and collecting them.